Schedule Oil Change in Cockeysville, MD

Get a Honda Oil Change in Cockeysville, MD

Driving around Baltimore in your Honda is definitely a special experience. This is a car made to be durable and reliable. Part of that comes from the parts and components that have gone into its construction. With that in mind, it is vital that you take care of those parts. Chief among these is the engine. Since the oil is critical to that, you will want to focus on knowing when to get an oil change near Owings Mills. Here are answers to some questions that you might be asking at this time.

What Kind of Oil Should I Use?

The most commonly recommended oil for your Honda is between OW-20 and 10W-40. You will want to be consistent with your choice of oil and use only high-grade products to keep your engine running in prime condition.

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

This is a common question. While you cannot change your oil too often, it is possible not to change it often enough. Anderson Honda recommends that you get the oil changed in your Honda about every 7,500 miles. This is a good benchmark, but you can also consult your vehicle owners manual for more precise information.

Why Should I Go to a Dealership for an Oil Change?

You should visit the service department at Anderson Honda near Towson MD to ensure the right type of oil for your Honda is used. We have certified technicians on hand to ensure that only the right oil is used for your specific vehicle. Going somewhere else will not bring you this same peace of mind.

Contact Anderson Honda near Pikesville if you have any more questions about getting the oil changed on your Honda or want to know about our oil change coupons. We are always ready to help out however we can.